Construction Risk Management

Our first step in Risk Management is client alignment. This is the process of identifying and fully understanding the unique requirements of each owner and project. This alignment process is the beginning of a successful relationship for both firms.

Our clients come first, which means identifying and understanding their goals and objectives and making their expressed objectives the highest priority in the assessment of any part of the project.  This assures that we will meet or exceed their expectations and protect their investment.

Leadership and Responsibility

For BFL Construction, Risk Management involves assuming leadership of and full responsibility for the project cost and overall budget. Identifying both the impact and likelihood of potential problems or risks and taking prudent action early, such as adjusting design parameters, can change risks into opportunities.

Information and analysis must be communicated at the earliest possible times to assure that proper decisions can be made that will affect the outcome of the project.  Identifying and analyzing the client’s needs begins to define the overall management and co-ordination of project development, the project execution, and finally the project closeout.

Risk Management involves a clearly defined process and communication between our project managers and the owner, to provide the leadership and decision- making authority required for proper project development and execution.