Clean and Safe Job Sites

BFL Construction is committed to the safety and well being of our employees, subcontractors, vendors, and clientele.  A commitment to safety is part of BFL’s business philosophy and is actively supported and enforced by each BFL employee. We begin each project with a preconstruction conference to establish expectations for performance with regard to safety and risk management. A visit to one of our jobsites demonstrates one of the BFL Construction Company differences that appeal to our clients. Our project sites are always clean, and the equipment is regularly inspected to be in good working order.

Our excellent safety record is illustrated by our Experience Modification Rating (EMOD) determined by the National Council on Compensation Insurance.  Our EMODs for 2014-17 have all been under 1.0, indicating a workers’ compensation claims experience below the industry average.  Our EMOD for 2018 is 0.84.

Expert Safety Management

To maximize our safety efforts, we use an external safety management company, Alliance Safety, LLC, which provides services on our site throughout southeastern AZ. 

Alliance was founded in 1997 and is now one of the largest and most recognized environmental safety and health firms in Arizona and the Southwest.  The Alliance staff assigned to BFL have a combined experience in safety management of over 100 years.  Alliance Safety conducts regular workplace safety audits at each jobsite, ensuring that each location is audited for safety at least once a week. Through regular safety audits we are able to identify unsafe conditions and unsafe behaviors and address them collectively and quickly.

Site superintendents are notified of all deficiencies found during audits, and audit reports are tracked in a database. Safety deficiencies are corrected at the time they are observed if possible. If corrective action is not feasible at the time of observation, workers are precluded from working in the area until corrective action is taken and the BFL superintendent is notified.

Aggressive Training

One of the primary services Alliance provides to BFL is training. Alliance Safety manages the training records for BFL employees and provides additional training or re-training as required or needed. Training is conducted in several settings, including tailgate safety meetings, monthly safety meetings, and both in-house and outsourced training.

Our intensive safety training program includes a wide range of topics, and has been expanded to include our subcontractors’ safety knowledge and performance. Subcontractors are required to designate and maintain competent persons for on-site hazard inspections of their specific area of the jobsite. Our superintendents have all received their 10-hour OSHA certification, and most have 30-hour OSHA certification. BFL Construction provides for systematic, thorough inspections of each of its job sites on a daily basis. Some of our superintendents are certified in the 24-hour Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) safety regulations, in addition to the standard OSHA certifications; Alliance provides a fully credentialed and experienced MSHA Safety Manager for BFL.