Clean and Safe Job Sites

BFL Construction is committed to the safety and well being of our employees, subcontractors, vendors, and clientele. A visit to one of our jobsites demonstrates one of the BFL Construction Company differences that appeal to our clients. Our project sites are always clean and the equipment is regularly inspected to be in good working order. Our staff includes a full time Safety Officer/Risk Manager with extensive experience, numerous safety certifications, and the qualifications to train others in safety programs.

Our excellent safety record is illustrated by our Experience Modification Rating (EMOD) determined by the National Council on Compensation Insurance.  Our EMODs for 2014-16 have all been under 1.0, indicating a workers’ compensation claims experience below the industry average.  Our EMOD for 2017 is .81.

Aggressive Training

Our intensive safety training program includes a wide range of topics, and has been expanded to include our subcontractors’ safety knowledge and performance. Subcontractors are required to designate and maintain competent persons for on-site hazard inspections of their specific area of the jobsite. Our superintendents have all received their 10-hour OSHA certification. BFL Construction provides for systematic, thorough inspections of each of its job sites on a daily basis. Some of our superintendents are certified in the 24-hour Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) safety regulations, in addition to the standard OSHA certifications.

Not Just a Slogan

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. It is incorporated into BFL’s business philosophy and is actively supported and enforced by each BFL employee. We begin each project with a preconstruction conference to establish expectations for performance with regard to safety and risk management. Here at BFL, we believe that zero is a real number that ensures that everyone returns home safely each and every day!