Since 1973

Founded in 1973, our firm has a proud history in the economic growth of Arizona. Built on a foundation of long-term relationships, our projects can be found throughout the region and represent our long-term commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

We especially appeal to those organizations that desire to be an integrated partner and engaged in a collaborative process. We have an affinity for those who recognize the advantage of bringing the contractor in at the beginning to benefit from our expertise during the preconstruction design stage.

Full Integration

Our goal is to always openly communicate and to fully integrate our client partner and the design team into all aspects of the project. This integration increases the team’s knowledge of the construction process, materials, and specifications.

It provides us with the basis to exceed our clients’ expectations, enhance value, and build trust while providing highest quality workmanship, project cost control, accuracy in critical path scheduling, and on time completion of the established goals of the desired project.

How We Communicate

Communication is the key factor of any successful project, and clear communication is our goal during all the stages of the project from preconstruction, throughout construction, project close-out and commissioning, and continuing through the warranty period and the years beyond.

Our contracts clearly outline expectations and obligations of the client, contractor, and subcontractors including reviewing the plans and specifications for value engineering of the project. By the time design is completed, all aspects of the project are identified to meet the budget, and a realistic schedule has been created identifying all phases and related dates of construction.

BFL conducts planned construction site meetings with the client and architect in attendance. Close attention is paid to performance against the schedule as well as the quality of construction. Any adjustments that need to be made are agreed to with our client in writing.


Technology has stepped up the flow of information, allowing the company to communicate and move rapidly – whether estimating costs, scheduling subcontractors, digitizing plans for distribution, or providing clients with reports and photos. Our eco-friendly system minimizes use of paper in a field that traditionally relies on rolls of site plans, building details, floor plans, and finishes.

Reliable Trade Partners

All trade partners and subcontractors are selected for their proven experience and ability to provide quality workmanship per the agreed upon price and schedule. BFL Construction Company’s quality control process and policy of working only with prequalified subcontractors ensures that the plans and specifications will be developed in the most efficient manner possible, producing a finished product of the highest quality.

On-site Management

Our superintendents manage all aspects of the on-site construction and daily job logs are maintained. All materials are inspected upon delivery to the job site to verify their condition and to assure they meet specifications.

At the end of the project a detailed walk-through is performed with the client and architect. Any items that need to be corrected are recorded on the “Punch List,” and then completed in a timely manner.

At project close out or commissioning, clients are instructed carefully on the operation of systems and are provided with an electronic close-out package that includes as-builts, operating instructions, and warranty documents.